Sharp R-990N 40 litre Convection Grill Microwave Oven

Sharp R-990N 40 litre Convection Grill Microwave Oven
Stainless steel fascia Express cook and express defrost instant action keys ie. roast chicken sensor cook key
Large Stainless, Convection Microwave with Sensor

Powerful 40-litre feast size grill/convection with auto roast/auto grill/auto bake cooking and easy defrost key.

Information Display
After selecting the appropriate menu and entering the weight or quantity of food, the display provides clear, easy to follow instructions for all the steps involved throughout the cooking cycle-even while cooking is in progress.

High Power 850W Microwave and 600Wx2 Quartz Grill/1500 Convection Heater
R-990N(S) enabled upgrade 850 watt output power. The convection heating element circulates heat and finishes delicious roasted and baked foods to perfection.

Auto Cook
Just select one of the 8 menus and enter the weight, the oven will automatically cook with perfect results every time.

40 Litre Capacity
Spacious and roomy 40- litre capacity to accommodate family size meals plus 2 Shelves for Two Layer Cooking.

Express Cook
3 popular menus cooked from frozen or chilled, including roast chicken cooked frozen in 50 minutes.

Express Defrost
Fast and efficient defrosting for 3 popular foods.

Help Key
Pressing this key provides you with useful tips and advice before and during cooking.

• Auto Start Function

• More/Less Key

• Easy Defrost

• Instant Cook Key

• Alarm Function

• Enamel Tray

Dimensions (MM): 627 (W) x 378 (H) x 487 (D) 23kg weight